(˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)
☞ó ͜つò☞
( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)
( ° ͜ʖ °)
( ° ᴗ°)
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Wink Text Faces & Emoticon (・UŎ✿)

Wink Text Faces & Emoticon: A winking emoticon, also known as emoticon wink or wink emoticon, is a form of visual presentation used in written discussion to express a wink or a playful expression. Wink emoji copy and paste are commonly used in text messages, emails, social media posts, and online communication.

Girl’s Wink
Puppy’s Wink
Just a Wink
Dog Wink
∪^ェ -∪
Classic Wink
Fine Wink
( -_^)★
Cute Girl Winking
Lovely Girl Winking
(>␣ ~❀)
Lass Winking
Girly Winking
Just a Girl Winking
A Pretty Nice Girl
A Girl Winking
Tasty Wink
( ๑ゝڡo ๑)
Guy Winking
Flirting Girl
Winking Happy
(・_+ )
Worried Wink
Wink Star Face
(ゝ ω・`○)♥
Flirt Winky
(❁>‿° )
Wink Sad
A Hearted Eye
( ๑^ᴗෆ๑)
Amazing Guy Winking
Winky Sad
( ˃̶᷄︿⊙)
Classic Wink
A Lovely Girl Winking
Wink Tired
Kiss and Wink
(○゜ε^○ )
Lovely Cute Wink
Cute Lass Winking
Wink Laugh
(- ‿◦ )
She Winks So Cute
Winking With Love
Little Wink
Wink Love Face
ღ・ ◡╹ )ノ♡
Wink One Eye
/(◕ x < )\
Dog’s Wink
Girly Winking
(❁ᵕ‿° )
An Ugly Wink
Swirl Wink
Wink Saluting
Wink and Kiss
( •̀ᴗ•́ )♡(^εŐ )
Lenny Winking
( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
She Winked at Me
♡☆(´•_^)☆ (◦’ ⌣ ˉ✿)
Just Winking an Eye
Square Animal Wink
Arrogant Cat Winking
(○゚ ε ^○)
Wink Serious
Amazing Wink
☆*ヾ(- ∀・*)*+☆
Thumbs Up Wink
σ(>_・ )
Dog Winking an Eye
A Cute Girl Winking at You
Cute and Lovely Wink
Kiss and Wink
Serious Wink Face
( ≖ ൠ< )
Wink in Love
He Tries to Be Flirty
(˵ ͡~▽ ͡°˵)
Bear Winking
Flirty Dog
(˵ ͡~ᴥ ͡°˵♥)
Star Wink
Puppy’s Winking
Cute Flirting Bear
Serious Wink
(● _ -)
Angel Wink Female
Magical Wink
She is Winking Now
Bubbly Wink
{ ͡ಠ_-*}
Trying to Wink
Black Star Wink
Wink Thumbs Up
I Like Your Kisses
Ugly Wink
(◦´˘ U◕` )
Winking a Eye
(^▽​ ◕ )
Fancy Wink
Animals Winking
Bit Serious Wink
(♡^_ -)-☆
Wink Face
Bad Wink
( ・∧‐ ✿)ゞ
Cute Wink.
Good Person Wink
A Weird Wink
Wink Face
Winky Blushed
( →ܫ←๑)
Guys Winking
Nice Winking
Girly Angel Winking An Eye
Wink Thumb Up
Winking Flower
A Lovely Boy Wink
Look How I Wink
A Nice Girl
Smiling Girl Winking
Arrow Wink


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