(˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)
☞ó ͜つò☞
( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)
( ° ͜ʖ °)
( ° ᴗ°)
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Flower Text Faces Emoticon (✿。 ♥‿♥ 。)

Flower Text Faces Emoticon: Copy and paste the flower symbol by just clicking on it. Flower emoticons are commonly used to express a range of positive feelings, beauty, and nature-related sentiments. The flower symbol is commonly related to a sense of beauty, happiness, and positivity.

Flower Heart Face
(✿。 ♥‿♥ 。)
Heart Eyes Girl
I Like This Flower
Pretty Flower
Cute Flower
Amazing Flower
(♡‿♡) 🌸
Girl With a Flower
(´ U ` ✿)
Little Girl, Little Flower
Flower Eyes Girl
Girl With a Flower
Cute Flower Girl
( °ᴗ°✿)
Dog With a Flower
Beautiful Girl With Flower
( ˵´ᴗ`)✿
This Flower is for Me
(・ꇴ・ ノ✿)
Shy Girl
Doggy Loves Flower
Flower on Head
Teddy With Flower
Happy Girl
I Love This Flower
( ^◡^)っ ✿
Tears in Eyes
This Girl is Pretty
( ˘◡ ˘)っ ✿
Flower Girl
Pretty Flower
Black Flower
Girl Loves That Flower
( ° ᴗ°)ノ✿
Pink Flower Girl
( 〃‿〃)/🌸
Excited Flower Face
( ◕ェ◕✿ )♡
Beautiful Flower
I Found This Pretty Flower
Flowered Eyes
(✿ ‿✿)
Two Side Flower
Amazing Girl With a Flower
Cute Flower
(◕ ‿ ◕✿)
This Flower is Beautiful
Flower Behind Ears
Lovely Flower is
Flower Behind Ear
(◕‿◕✿) ✧♡(❁˘∀˘)
Robot With Flower
┗┃・ ■・┃ノ✿
Sad Girl With Flower
Gorgeous Flower Eyes
Girl Has a Pretty Flower
Dog Like Flower
Shy Girl With a Flower
Flower Face Girl
Pretty Flower
Cute Girls
( ° ᴗ°)ノ✿ (°o°✿)
Cute Flower
❀(╹//ᴥ //╹)
This Flower is Pretty
Nice Flower
I Love This Flower
I Found This Pretty Flower
Happy Girl
(❀ᵔ ̮ ᵔ)›
Take This Lovely Flower
(ㆁ◡ ㆁ)っ✿(╹◡╹)
Lovely Flower
(´ ᴗ`✽)
Flower Face
Blushing Girl With Flower
(๑•́ ◡ •̀๑✿)
A Girl With a Flower in the Hair
Face Flower
≧❀▽❀ ≦
Flower Girl
Flowered Eyes
(✿ ▽ ✿)
Sad Girl
This Flower is Beautiful
( ´•。•`)/❀
Take This Flower
( ˆ ⌣ ˆ )⊃✿
Flowers Bear
White Flower
Sad Flower
Smiley Flower Girl
( ʘ‿ʘ✿ )
I Want That Flower
Thanks for the Flower
Cute Flower Face
(ʘ‿ʘ✿ )
Smelling This Flower
Cat Face Flower
( ✿^.ᴥ.^ )
I Love This Flower
Flower Girl
Pretty Flower
Black Flower
✿(/•/‿/•/ )


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